Peoria Patent Lawyer

It is critical to safeguard your ideas from the competition. If you have a new concept, patent lawyers in Peoria could save you time and effort by guiding the process of filing for a patent.

Plant patents, utility patents, and design patents are the types of patents available by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The United States Patent and Trademark Office can spend up to three years to review an application. If accepted, plant and utility patents are valid for 20 years, and design patents are valid for 14.

Utility patents concern machines or other functional objects as well as new processes. A design patent is used for novelty developments for cosmetic purposes. These patents always apply to non-operating aesthetic designs, and might potentially be disputed if they are applied to something with operational utility.

Plant patents cover newly developed plant strains able to be reproducible either sexually or asexually. Plant patents diverge from other licenses as they don’t require botanical samples. The particulars of securing your innovation could extend over with other areas of intellectual property law, and consequently patent lawyers in Peoria can better determine how to proceed.

The elaborate procedure of filing for a patent can take up to three years. Let a patent criminal defense attorney delaware county pa in Peoria handle the complicated areas of law and save your energy and time. A patent lawyer could help determine whether or not your new innovation infringes on another patent. Peoria patent lawyers could advise you on filing a patent application and possibly reduce the odds for denial by examiners. Our patent lawyers in Peoria are ready to work for you, and want to aid you on what’s next for having your invention recognized and protected. Contact us today for a free case review!