Alexander McQueen Exhibition

On Sunday I (this is Mia) went along to the McQueen exhibition at the V&A Museum in London.  The exhibition first showed at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2011 a year after McQueens death. Many of our students will know Alexander McQueen from our Designer of the Day which we discuss each week of class and also the wonderful book we have in our little but lovely library.

I am also happy to announce that our next course will be inspired by this exhibition much like our recent Matisse Course. For more details please send through an inquiry.

This is an exhibition I just had to share with you all as to be honest it just blew me away. If students got to see this it would explain so much of what we aim to teach at Fashion School.
At the core it illustrates our believe as a group of teachers that fashion can draw inspiration from anything. McQueen drew inspiration from everything from his fascination of the beauty and savagery of the natural world.
We are a school focused on learning the fundamentals of sewing and fashion. McQueen was a master tailor, learning this craft allowed him to dismantle it and create new ideas. Youve got to know the rules to break them.
These photos does not give this exhibition justice; the music, the rooms and the intensity offered and incredible experience however hopefully they can give parents and students a glimpse of what I got to experience.and hopefully inspire our little ones to keep going